Our Works


In abroad, tourisms are one of most important economic contribution to their countries, while the potencies are not as vast as Indonesia. In contrast, the tourism in this biggest archipelago in the world doesn't very well manageable, while it has tremendous potential to develop. Thus, Idea Production gives service to the clients of how to build the tourism as of the tourism potencies would be explored at its best.

Clients, to us, are not just an institution, association, community, tourism business people but more of the main elements to create a potential tourism industry. We understand fully and will work hard to achieve that mission.

Idea Production caters strategic consulting such as preparing and organizing events, educate local people so as they could understand fully of the tourism potential in their area; tourisms promotion; web promotions; as well as tourisms documentation in the form of books, brochures, photos, and videos. Exploring nature tourism, undersea and culture are also part of our range of works, which done by professional and fully committed staff. To us, tourism is how to give the right feeling with professionalism.